She’s a four-year-old and curiously discovering the world around her. This little one can’t ask enough questions. Her favorite is, “why.”

We have to wash our hands after using the restroom.


Sitting down in the middle of the grocery store isn’t okay.


On December 14th 2012 she walks into a room where adults are watching TV, she notices sad and angry voices, and she asks…


I had this idea. I thought I could write a short piece about the shootings in Newtown and create an exchange between a child, newly curious about the world, and someone whom a four-year-old would gain knowledge. It would be an interesting way, again I thought, of revealing the complexity of Sandy Hook.

After staring at the computer screen following that last “why” and starting and stopping so many questions of my own, I discovered how hard it is to answer those questions for a child and how hard it would be for a child to understand. Especially when I think most of us, who have been around a little longer than four years, really don’t understand what happened ourselves.

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